Marketing with Postcards

Postcard Marketing for a business in Corvallis and Albany - Smith GlassHave you gone to the mailbox today?

Chances are, if you have, that you’ve received a postcard from some business advertising a product or service. Postcards are a colorful and inexpensive way to market your business through direct mail, and many small business owners are experimenting with them to see what kind of return they receive. It’s interesting that many people who might not bother with a sales letter or packet will look at a postcard.

If you’re thinking about a postcard marketing campaign, it’s important to do it right. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Repetition is key. Like with other forms of marketing, your potential customer may not see a single mailing or it may not register. But three weeks later, that same person may be in the market for what your business offers.

Some marketing folks claim that a customer has to see your marketing message at least seven times before it is noticed. We won’t say that seven is a magic number, but one certainly isn’t. Plan to do a series of postcards to get your message across.

Think quality. A lot of the postcards we’ve been seeing are printed poorly, on flimsy paper. That’s not a good way to make an impression. Whatever you do, don’t go buy card stock from an office supply store and run it through your office printer. You’ve got to go full-color and you’ve got to have a nice, heavy weight of paper to make a potential customer give your card more than a quick glance. Before you go to print, get samples of similar cards so you know what to expect.

Use a personalized image. Stock photography is easy to come by, and it may look more professional than something you snap with your point-and-shoot camera. A professional image of your office, your staff or your product is going to resonate more with customers. Professional photography with the right lighting can help your postcard make a better connection with your customers, and it’s not very expensive.

Write a compelling headline. You’ve got a few seconds, if that, to make an impression. Don’t be cryptic; make it obvious what you’re offering. Paired with a great image, the headline can make the biggest impact on a potential customer.

Offer something specific. Don’t just send out a postcard that talks about your business. Offer recipients a discount or a freebie if they bring the card to your store, mention when they order, or use a special code at your website. Savings or giveaways make people pay attention.

Know how the U.S. Postal Service handles postcards. Know where the postal service needs to mark or put a sticker so you don’t use that space for content. See Modern Postcard’s Postal Regulations page for the best information on where to position the elements on your postcard. And make sure to leave the right amount of space for addresses, whether you’ll be adding the addresses yourself or letting a mailing service handle that for you.

Include all your contact information. It’s amazing – and not in a good way – how many businesses don’t say where they are located or don’t include a website address. Make sure your potential customers have a full address, phone number, email address and website for learning more about you.

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